Our Company

Our History

We have been in the Automotive export business long enough, but in the car dealership business, let’s go back to 2001. Still, surprisingly we have been in enterprise for longer than you can imagine, we are the second generation in export Import, specialize in selling ready-to-go new and used cars, rebuilt vehicles from all over the world. Our inventory changes annually due to local and international competition. Our checklist will quickly inform you of our current focus vehicle. Our company has successfully sold over 720 cars in a couple of years. Our Unites States of America office is new, but from 2018-2020, most of our operation has been overseas; now, we are selling cars from all over the world in the most robust and most credible economy, American Standard.

We pride ourselves in doing business with honesty, efficiency, and dedication to our customers worldwide. We give our customers the benefit of the doubt and never force a sale. We are constantly helping to replace and upgrade when customers are unsure about what they like to drive. We are developing better ways to improve our customer service and have many extra surprises for you when you receive your car. Please check carefully and find some gifts that may fit you or your relatives.

Our primary customers are you and everyday individuals looking to drive low miles, excellent and no hassle, a good condition, and newer vehicles for huge savings.We have successfully learned the skills needed in the automotive industry to offer vehicles at highly reasonable prices. Most ready-to-go cars are sold with an inspection report and readily checked. We would be happy to help you look for a vehicle that fits your tastes. We’ll answer any questions you may have about us.

Who We Are

US Auto Export was founded in 2008 with a single location in Lansing, Michigan selling cars from Auctions by order only and exporting them overseas to customers directly, and it was rebranded in 2018 to cope with the new technology of selling online Used and New vehicles; US Auto Export has grown into a global leader and the top source for online vehicle exporters, including domestic sales in the USA dealership lot, in Lansing, Michigan, and Washington DC.

US Auto Export’s innovative technology and online platform link Buyers around the world to buy the best cars on their fingers tip by checking our current Inventory in all our locations. Headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, US Auto Export currently operates in more than 15 locations in 5 countries and has more than 15,000 vehicles for sale daily.

What We Do

US Auto Export specializes in selling and remarketing Used and New Cars and wholesale vehicles for various customers, including companies, dealers, municipalities, Government institutions, and charities. US Auto Export’s extensive inventory yards are in a very decent office across the globe. It includes an array of vehicles to ensure our customers can find what they’re looking for, from affordable luxury cars and exotics, early and late model cars and trucks, to industrial vehicles and more. US Auto Export sells over two 200 cars each year, and always there’s something for everyone: All buyers, dealers, and individual consumers.

Where We're Going

We are passionate about making a positive difference every day through economic growth and environmental responsibility at US Auto Export. While maintaining a solid reputation as a growing small company, profitable business year after year. US Auto Export’s success has earned the company a place on the global market, especially in used cars export and local sales in the USA,

Our future steps are to link our website to all Live auctions in the USA for all our customers worldwide to bid and purchase cars of their choice from USA auctions live. At the same time, our company will take care of all logistics and export processes for your vehicle to get to its new garage safe.