Vehicle Shipping Method

How can I ship my car to another country?

Shipping a car to another country may seem daunting. US Auto Export is here to help you make the process of international freight and car shipping hassle-free. Request a quote from us when you purchase via our email, phone, or WhatsApp. Choose your preferred international car shipping method, pick up, or delivery locations. US Auto Export’s experienced team and customs specialists will guide you through all steps and manage all the customs and cross-border requirements. Tracking the process of your car shipping overseas by automated notifications on our website.

How to get your car shipped overseas?

To get your car shipped overseas you would need to find a reputable international car shipping company. US Auto Export knows the process of international car shipping perfectly with experience staff hassle-free for our customers.
Choose your preferred international car shipping method, we will pick up and deliver your car to warehouse locations in the port. Our experienced specialists will provide guidance to you through the steps and manage all the customs and cross-border requirements, throughout the process of shipping your car overseas and tracking your shipment via our website.

How much does it cost to transport a car internationally?

The cost of shipping a car overseas is based on several factors. Some key factors affecting the cost of international auto transport include: Vehicle weight, size, and types - Larger and heavier vehicles like trucks or SUVs typically cost more to ship.

Delivery – Having a flexible delivery timeline for your international car shipping may save you money, while expedited shipping would increase the cost.

Destination - The distance between the point of origin and the destination, as well as the popularity of the route affects the cost of international car shipping. Typically, the longer the shipping distance, the higher the cost, some destinations may involve multiple “legs” to get the vehicles shipped.

Method of Transportation – In most cases, (RO-RO) shipping is less expensive than container shipping.

How long does international car transport take?

The time for international vehicle shipping primarily depends on the destination port. The “on the water” shipping time takes between 30 to 40 days. However, the total shipping time additionally includes vehicle consolidation, loading, holding, and time to meet the custom requirements.