Order Vehicle Inspection Certificate by authorized Company

US Auto Export Encourages Vehicle Inspections for countries requiring certified Inspection, to stop un-road worthy vehicles from being imported into your country, some Bureau of Standards has made it a requirement that all vehicles coming into their countries must be inspected by their appointed inspection company in the foreign country prior to import to avoid being fined in your country when the vehicle arrives for not having done an inspection certificate like (Jamaica, Kenya, and others) We want our buyers to be as satisfied with their purchases as possible and government approval in the port of entry for some vehicle models and makes. We don't just accommodate vehicle inspections; we highly encourage them! If it's a must in your country.

Order Vehicle Inspection by email before we ship your vehicle to your country of destination if your government requires it, payment for your Car Inspection is very between $ 210 - $ 320, all depending on the size of your vehicle.

Once your vehicle Inspection is completed, we vehicle will send certification to your email within 3-5 business days and keep a copy and sticker in the car for verification in the port of arrival in the country.