Our Services


Our containerization operations follow the best practices of the industry and ensure that vehicles are properly handled and secured against unnecessary damage. Our containerization personnel are experienced and use only proper tools and equipment specifically designed for loading and unloading vehicles into containers.

Customs Clearance

We provide a comprehensive U.S customs clearance service, ensuring speedy delivery of your cargo to its destination. We help you to prepare all required documents ahead of your vehicle’s arrival at your country’s port of destination.


As part of our comprehensive logistics solutions, we also offer our clients a range of warehousing services in the USA and Internationally while your vehicle is waiting for ship departure.

Cross Docking

cross-docking services...we take products from the auction and deliver them directly to the customer and minimize handling. US Auto Export, cross-docking services reduce handling and storage of inventory, and the extra step of filling a warehouse with inventory before shipping it out is virtually eliminated.

With cross-docking, we receive goods at our location, and ship out through the other door to your destination, almost immediately without putting items in storage.

cross-docking service helps reduce the direct cost associated with excess inventory by eliminating unnecessary handling and storage of products. Less inventory means less space and equipment required for handling and storing the products. This also means reduced product damage and product obsolescence.